A translation in space is when an object is moves to a new position. Allows to move objects to specific targets inside the scene, with the following parameters:

  • Object(s) to move: list of objects you want to move.

  • Destination: objects from the scene (any Transform) you want your object to move to.

  • Consider rotation: makes the object match the destination’s orientation.

  • Parabola height [m]: an effect of parabola can be added to the movement, you define the height of the parabola the object will reach while moving towards the new position.

  • Number of Flips: number of flips you want your object to do when moving towards the new position. Usually flips are combined with a parabola effect.

  • Offset [m]: it defines the distance at which the object must remain from the target when moving. Useful when you want an object to move towards another one but not bump into it.

  • Duration [s]: time in seconds for the moving transformation to happen.

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