This condition checks if the user manipulates (grabs or levitates) an IO.

  • Hand: choose which hand must manipulate (or not) the specified object. It can be one of the three options: Either, Left or Right. “Both” is not an option as you can not manipulate an object with both controllers at the same time.

  • Mode: If you select Manipulate, then the specified hand(s)/controller(s) need to manipulate (grab or levitate) the specified object to fulfil this condition. If you select Manipulate+Hold,the condition will validate if the object is already being manipulated. If you select Release then the specified hand(s) should release the object to fulfil this condition. *Note that Release requires the user to previously manipulate the object.

Manipulate + Hold is useful when you have another condition paired (for example a collision or a button to be pressed) so the user can hold the object and the action only triggers when the second condition is valid. Example: a flashlight that turns on when the user presses a button (while holding it).

  • Target Objects: IOs from the scene that the user needs to manipulate (or release) for this condition to be met. You can have more than one object meaning that whenever one of the objects is manipulated, the condition is valid.

  • Minimum duration required: check details here.

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