Get Started

In order to transform a scene into a networked scene you simply need to add the 'PhotonNetworkManager' prefab. For this you can either find it and drag it in the project or you can go to Zoe> Networking > Create Networking Manager on the top bar menu:

In the Inspector you will see the following script which contains the settings for a multiuser session:

  • Max Player Count: set the number of users that can join the same session (maximum is 16, this is set by Photon framework)

  • Group Players: check this to create groups of players into different Photon rooms (sessions) when you build the same experience. For this you can provide a different GroupID for each build.

Note that grouping players is the only provided option to have players split in different sessions. The system currently opens a session right at the start so anyone launching a build of your experience will automatically join the session.

A system of code exists in the background but interfacing will be provided only in a future version of this networking module. If you want users to connect via codes you will have to implement the system and itnerfaces yourself.

  • Avatar settings: Zoe provides a basic avatar system with heads, hands and accessories. You can either choose the default provided avatars (Zoe Avatars) or use your own 3D models (Custom Collection). 'Color strategy' allows you to either have a random color assigned to each new avatar joining the session, or to keep all avatars with a single color. For more details, check the Avatars page.

Another useful component from the Manager is the Spawn Point Container:

Spawn points are Transforms (positions) where the users will pop when joining a scene. If this option is not checked any new user joining will pop at the 0,0,0 position. If you want to set specific locations for the users to start the experience you need to create or provide Game Objects to be assigned in the list of Spawn Points (as shown above). The system will use the spawn points in the order provided for each new user, one after the other.

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