Multiplayer Conditions

When adding the networking module to your project, you will see new conditions available in the list when setting an interaction:

Approach Multiplayer

This condition works as the normal 'Approach' condition but allows to set a minimum number of players that must meet the condition for it to be actually validated.

This is useful to trigger actions only when a given amount of players are near an object, or are inside a perimeter, have reached a checkpoint etc.

Players In Session

Allows to detect when the number of players in the sessions is 'less than', 'equal' to or 'more than' a given number for you to set.

Useful to know when you have reached the minimum or maximum number of players to start an experience, or if there are not enough players to continue the experience etc.

Player Joined or Left

Allows to know when a user has joined or left a multiuser session.

Check 'For Local Player' if you want the condition to be valid when the current player joins/leaves.

Useful to give feedback (sound for example) to users.

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