Create an Interaction Rig

In order for the plugin to work you need to use the Zoe Interaction Rig. For this all you have to do is convert the standard Unity Camera into an Interactive Rig. You can do this directly in the Inspector of the Camera:

or in the contextual menu selecting the standard Unity camera inside a scene an converting it into an Interactive Rig:

Note that when the camera is converted, two new elements can be seen in the scene:

InteractionRig(IO): this is the element representing the user in the experience, you can change the position, customise controllers and raycast as well as set the navigation mode (more details here).

S_RenderingCamera: this is the actual camera rendering, you should only modify it if you want to change the Flags Clear or add post-processing effects. Do not change its position as it will automatically follow the rig on runtime.

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