Multiplayer Actions

When adding the networking module to your project, you will see new actions available in the list when setting an interaction:

Leave Session

This actions triggers the fact of leaving the current session. It will act for the current player triggering the interaction.

End Session

This action will end the multiuser session currently running. You can decide whether anyone in the session can end it or only the 'Host' (first user in the session) can.

Mute Microphone

Zoe networking is using Photon Voice framework. This allows to users in a multiuser session to communicate with each other voice. By default the microphone is on and all players can hear each other. You can use this action to mute/unmute the voice input; it acts on the microphone from the local user.

Useful to provide an interface (a toggle button for example) for each user to mute/unmute themselves at will.

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